I.V. Webb, native of New York, resident in London, a beautiful, unique and sometimes haunting voice that belongs everywhere, driven by restless, universal feelings. Deeply emotional, never sentimental, her work recalls not only the hues and shades but more importantly the pure spirit of greats such as Patti Smith, Sandy Denny and Chrissie Hynde.

Far from the formula of pop, sometimes calling on the bittersweet electric folk of underground Manhattan or windswept Celtic romance, her spiraling songs and poignant vocals are both testament to her skill and testimony of her experience.

She self-released her debut album “I.V. Webb and The Heroines: The Demo Seeds” in 2007 and her singular talent has long been sought out by like minds. Lately she has been guest vocalist and is working with Kate Bush’s longtime engineer and musician Del Palmer as well as Danton Supple (Coldplay, Patti Smith , Morrissey) and Carl Glanville (U2) who mixed “In Mind,” the first single from the forthcoming second I.V. Webb CD. You can view both “In Mind” and the new video for her song “Speechless”(Official) both filmed in 2011 on YouTube. “The Demo Seeds” is available via CD Baby and from Itunes and all major download sites.